Designing Your Game.
Creating Our Vision.

Games are more...

… than entertainment & amusement.  
… than distraction & pastime.
… than a sandbox or a teaching aid.  
… than a punching ball & stress valve.  
… than a skill trainer.  
… than digital taverns & interaction platforms.  

Games are our life!

Our goals are visionary & realistic!

We courageously follow our imagination and still keep both feet on the ground. We expand the boundaries of reality.

We work with passion

Our work gives us joy. Enthusiasm and passion are the well-known secret ingredients of our game development.

We bear responsibility

We are part of society. It is our responsibility to pay our employees fairly, to price our games fairly and to use our resources sustainably.

“Your Game Should Tell The Story Of Who You Are And Be A Collection Of What You Love”


We are Funded